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Judging a Book by its Cover

10 Amazon Coffee Table Books for Under $20


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am obsessed with using books for styling my home decor. I’ve compiled a list of 10 books I found on Amazon that are perfect for styling, and all under (or at) $20.

I’ve also added some suggestions for which home styles I think they’d be perfect for. In reality though, most are versatile and can work with just about any. It’s all about how you put your pieces together!

(FYI -- all photos linked!)/

1. The Little Book of Chanel - $15

Home Style: Versatile

This one seems like a no brainer at this price, and so versatile. I had to buy it.

2. Inspire Your Home – $19

Home Style: Glam, Chic

If you're for glitz and glam, this one's for you! The spine is black and gold too, which makes it great for stacking and styling.

3. Make Life Beautiful – $17

Home Style: Traditional, Contemporary, Modern

There’s a 99.9% chance you’ve already seen this one online somewhere, even if you don’t follow Studio McGee – but I love the cleanliness! Keep the cover on for a more traditional or contemporary look, or take it off for a more modern vibe. If an LBD is a staple in a woman’s closet, then a LBB (little black book) is the equivalent in one’s living room.

4. Beautifully Organized – $18

Home Style: Contemporary, Traditional (with cover); Spine for Stacking: Versatile

Currently a #1 best seller on Amazon… the price of this one is a no brainer, you get content and décor, all in one. I love the spine because of how versatile it is. You can use it across so many different styles. The front cover makes it a great fit for a contemporary or traditional look.

5. Vogue Essentials Heels - $20

Home Style: Chic, Glam (with cover) Modern (without cover)

Ok, so I said under $20, but this one is at $20 on the dot, AND it’s a fashion book… which is surprising since they’re usually on the pricier side. From what I saw on Amazon, it looks like the actual book’s color is black… which is such a win!

6. Paris: A Decorative Book -- $16

Home Style: Versatile

This sole purpose of this one is décor, so there aren't any actual words in it... maybe keep this one for styling your shelves, and not too easily accessible for your guests. ;) Nevertheless, a great and inexpensive pick for styling.

7. Greenlights -- $15

Home Style: Modern, Contemporary, or Rustic

The spine is everything on Greenlights. The black background and clean font on the spine makes it a perfect fit for stacking and styling for those who love a modern look. I also love the color of the book without the cover for a more earthy look. Perfect for homes with natural woods.

8. Inspired by Nature -- $19

Home Style: Traditional, Contemporary

I really wanted to see what the spine and the color of the inside cover of this book, but I was not lucky enough to find one. Regardless, I love the book cover the author chose. The few pages I saw also looked like it had some great inspo too. It gave me major Restoration Hardware vibes.

9. Home Made Lovely -- $17

Home Style: Country, Boho, Rustic; Spine for Stacking: Versatile

This one can go in so many directions in terms of styling, but I'm a sucker for the grey spine! Great for stacking.

10. Magnolia Table, Volume II -- $18

Home Style: Versatile, but Great for Small, Open Apartments

I know this is a cookbook, but I personally love flipping through cookbooks while I’m sitting on my couch. If you have a small apartment where your kitchen and living room are close to each other, a cook book on the coffee table can make perfect sense.

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