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5 Educational Books We Recommend on Interior Design

Whether You're Looking to Learn More for Fun or Starting a New Business... Here's Our Favorite Reads!

If you love learning all things interior design, below are some of the ones I've read or am currently reading.

An easy and fun read, Interior Design Handbook is the perfect handbook for beginners. It'll provide insight into the basic principles and fundamentals of decorating and designing, while keeping things light. This one's been one of my favorite reads yet.

History of Interior Design is usually a mandatory read for students working toward their Bachelor's in interior design. It's filled with important and useful information about the beginning of interior design up through modern day. As you can expect from a textbook though, it's a much heavier read. I highly recommend this if you're serious about starting out in the field, and are looking to advance your knowledge.

New York School of Interior Design is another heavy read, but great for those looking to start a business in the field. I've not made it through this book in its entirety yet, but it's filled with resources for new businesses!

Bauhaus is currently on my list of books to read. Already one chapter in, it's filled with interesting facts on how the German art movement began. Today, Bauhaus is known for its uniqueness, influenced by modern and contemporary art.

Residential Interior Design is one I would recommend for those looking to dive into the business of interior design. Another book typically required for students learning interior design, this one is heavily focused on building code. While a heavier read, it will help you understand the strategic side of design and factors that make a space "work".

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